Timeshare Transfers

The transfer of a timeshare following a divorce filing, death in the family, or the decision to sell, donate or give away the property is a complex process. In certain instances this can involve dealing with a timeshare resort's right-of-first refusal. Any type of transfer goes beyond just the property itself. Responsibility for future liabilities must be taken into account. Whatever form the transaction takes, it requires legal help from experienced attorneys possessing a thorough knowledge of timeshare and real property laws.

Orange County Ancillary Probate Lawyers Experienced With Complex Transfers

Annual fees and maintenance fees are associated with timeshares. A transfer of ownership should spell out in detail as to when the responsibility for paying these ends for the previous owner and begins for the new owner. In other words, it's important for you to be represented to properly negotiate these.

At Mestdagh, Wall & Hamilton, P.A. our attorneys also represent Florida residents and clients out of state in the probating of a timeshare and other issues that may arise. We spend the time necessary to educate you on the process and remain at their side until the transfer is complete.

Some transfers are done within an estate planning context, a proactive way to designate a beneficiary for property, including a timeshare, and a way to possibly provide funds to pay for future fees. If you and your loved ones are experiencing a loss in your family without a will, you need legal guidance with the transfer of their timeshare through the ancillary probate process (if the timeshare is in a state where the person who passed did not reside in).

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