If you buy a timeshare, you have the right to rescind the purchase within a certain timeframe. Depending on the state where you purchased the timeshare, the "cooling-off period" can range anywhere from five days to 15 days. Exercising this right timely and correctly requires you to follow the rules established by the timeshare company to the letter. Our attorneys can provide you with the assistance you need so you don't waive this right.

Over the years, the attorneys at Mestdagh, Wall & Hamilton, P.A. have helped clients prevent and resolve legal problems with timeshares, taking a personalized approach to their cases and pursuing the best resolution.

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Retaining all documents involved in the cancellation of the unit and consulting with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney are important steps to protect the right of rescission. One misstep and you may fall out of the window of time necessary to cancel the transaction.

Options exist if rescission deadlines are missed, including, but not limited to, re-conveying the property back to the timeshare company, subsequently canceling the contract. On behalf of residents of Florida and those outside of the state and overseas, we can negotiate the terms of canceling or modifying the terms of a purchase contract depending on the circumstances surrounding the transaction.

It is important to note that by ignoring doubts and second thoughts during a transaction, serious financial and legal problems can result. An inability to keep up with the costs or a struggle in selling the timeshare can result in foreclosure. We encourage you to speak to an attorney to make an educated decision, for both the short term and the long term.

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